TALO community offers culturally sensitive embedded solutions both to individuals and organisations.  We recognise that sometimes parties are unable to reach their desired outcomes due to the lack of something as subtle and crucial as cultural intelligence and competence.  We aim to bridge that gap by implementing services designed to overcome possible challenges within the realm of a community strength-based model.      

ADVOCACY – Support services are available in Somali on a range of social matters such as housing, employment and rights.  We endeavour to support any individual unable to access these services through the conventional channels. 

 TALO community also plays an integral role advocating for grassroots campaigns.  Examples include challenging local policies around FGM guidelines and facilitating community conversations on new RSE curriculum changes.  Organisations are also increasingly shaping their project with community participation as a foundation block, an activity that TALO community has helped deliver various organisations including; Bristol Women’s Voice, Barnardo’s and The Architecture Centre.

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES – Every half-term and school holidays TALO community organises a range of family friendly activities.  The aim is for families to enjoy new experiences within the safety of a group setting.  These trips and activities are very popular as suggestions made by families are taken into consideration when selecting a location.  Past outings include trips to Legoland, Bournemouth beach and cycling to Warmley.  During school time, we currently offer 2 after school activities for young people:

Boys can cook club for boys aged 8 and over; a cooking and mentoring project

Global citizen for young people age 11 and over; a leadership and social change project

EVENTS – There are two key events TALO community organises annually: Queens’ Night and the Eid Festival.  Queens’ Night is a black-tie event for women to celebrate their entrepreneurial achievements and inspire others to take a leap towards their own goals. 

The Eid festival is another important date in the calendar for a large number of Bristolians.  TALO community listened and recognised there was a lack of a specialised local event during Eid.  Together with partner organisations, TALO community organised, delivered memorable Eid festivals for people of all faiths to enjoy.

CONSULTANCY –  TALO community offers bespoke solutions to organisations looking to positively engage with the community.  The consultancy work can range from strategic advice to operational services delivered by Team TALO.  For example we have worked with an organisation that had aspirations of increasing the ethnic diversity make up in the workforce.  By giving attention to their recruitment procedures, TALO community advised on ways to adapt as to reach their recruitment goals.  In schools, TALO community can take on an operational capacity by delivering pastoral services grounded in cultural competence.  We are increasingly working with partner agencies to provide them a professional, timely and culturally sensitive service.